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13 Useful Apps for Visually Impaired Students

apps for visually impaired persons

How do Blind People Read?

Reading is the most important part of everyone’s life. Normal people can read books, bills, letters, and magazines but blind people can’t read easily. With the help of Braille, they can feel the alphabetical letters and write down the words. Apart from that, there are more apps for visually impaired persons to quickly read. 


Residing with reduced eyesight or being blind can present several difficulties on a daily basis. To put it mildly, simple chores like cooking meals, doing errands, or recognizing people might become very difficult. Thankfully, several commercial and free applications are available to help the legally blind. These applications simplify daily living with more sophisticated and usable functionality. We have gathered a list of the top 13 apps for visually impaired students. So let’s investigate them together!

Be my eyes 

With the touch of a button, this software enables visually impaired persons to make video calls with sighted volunteers. Moreover, you can request help with carrying out daily activities. A multilingual support group called Be My Eyes has volunteers who can speak well over 185 different languages and take calls. Register for free and receive assistance with basic chores that a volunteer may carry out via live video. Such as reading tiny print, configuring household appliances, or any other. Get service through “Specialized Help” if the task is too challenging or needs knowledge like digital marketing assignment writing. 


Another top-notch app for blind people, it offers access to hundreds of podcasts and audiobooks in many categories. You may alter the voiceover speed to match your listening pace and fast-forward and rewind through the chapters as needed. The Audible subscription is free for the first 30 days; subsequently, a $15.99 monthly fee applies. Members also occasionally have the opportunity to receive promotions, discounts, and prizes.


Another app for visually impaired students is Kindle. You may acquire ebooks using Kindle, which also has additional functionality. Like a giant print, computer-produced speech, and human voiceovers for blind people or visually impaired users. Users of the software may easily switch between reading Kindle books and listening to Audible books. Additionally, it can function with attached Braille equipment.

My talking calculator 

The Assignment Help Ireland emphasizes pupils for this application. This calculator is beneficial for persons who are blind or have limited vision. Several attributes make the app increasingly inclusive and approachable to students with special needs. 

Although, if you wish to silence the voice, you may do it as well. Voice instructions can perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, the sum of squares, and more.


Impaired application created an iPhone software called Navcog to assist blind people in traveling and discovering the world. It provides real-time information about the user’s location and natural vicinity using Bluetooth signals. It is practical both inside and outside.


The RBI introduced MANI (Money Aided Note Identifier), a smartphone application for identifying paper currency. The program uses the camera to scan the notes and outputs audio in Hindi and English, but according to the central bank, it cannot determine whether money is real or fake.

Magnifying Glass With Light

For anyone with vision impairment, this software is quite helpful. It is used to enlarge any writing, such as while reading the newspaper or glancing at a menu at a restaurant with poor lighting. It has a number of functions, including pinch to zoom in and out, auto-focus lock, light level adjustment, and image capturing.

Google Translate 

By speaking any word or phrase, Google translate enables you to translate it into a specific foreign language. This feature is beneficial for blind people or visually challenged pupils. The ability to translate more than 59 languages offline is another standout feature of Google Translate. One of the top applications for blind persons to download is Google Translate because of these characteristics.

Microsoft Soundscape

Microsoft created this program. This app employs audio 3D technology to convey the surroundings to persons with impaired vision or blindness. Blind persons can better understand their environment thanks to the soundscape. They can still utilize this application even when their devices are in their purses.

KNFB Reader

Using this program, the application may convert text to voice or Braille. Users may also email and share information with ease. The program includes text-highlighting capabilities for those who are blind, have limited vision, are dyslexic, and other users. Additionally, you may touch a picture to have the app read aloud the text or show it on a linked refreshable Braille display. The KNFB scanner can also read price tags so that you may check the nutritional information on your breakfast cereal. There are several languages for the app.


It is a well-known app that uses AI technology to aid those with limited vision in understanding their surroundings. Subscribers aim the application at an object, tap the recognition button to activate the AI, and wait for it to speak out when it recognizes the thing. The app will tell you what it is called whenever you aim your camera at an object. Turn Talkback on your smartphone’s settings if you want to utilize the Spoken identification function.


Both business and personal information may be kept in Evernote. The software lets you use it on several platforms and synchronize your activities. The application supports various material types, including text, drawings, photos, online clippings, music recordings, etc. Anytime you wish, you may upload audio and online clippings and listen. Whoever wants to share your diaries with is free to make updates.

Blind Bargains

The last app for visually impaired students is Blind Bargain. This application helps those who are blind by consolidating the newest offers in one location. This software enables your buddy to buy accessible devices like screen readers and braille printers.

Final Thoughts

Technological advances and inventions have ushered in a new era of possibilities. Entrepreneurs have broken down obstacles and made significant strides toward enhancing accessibility. Blind individuals may now lead as everyday an experience as possible thanks to applications created explicitly for visual impairments.

To summarize, all of the top 13 apps for visually impaired students applications described above are ideal for the visually impaired. The majority of the uses are free to use and simple to browse. So, without further ado, grab these applications right away!

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