Start Your Business Using Smartphone – Trending Platforms to Earn Money In 2022

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When it comes to managing your business from a mobile device, we’re discussing applications in both IOs and Android phones. Obviously, the first two come from us, but we’d also want to consider others that we’ve found fascinating. Most businesses now start to grow their business using different techniques. Smartphones play an important role in your business development. How to take advantage of smartphones to warm money? 

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1. MILE IQ: 

You may get it from Google Play or the Apple App Store if you have an Android or iOS device. As of 2015, the firm was owned by Microsoft after being purchased by the businessman Dan Bomze in 2013. You can keep track of how many miles you put in each day.

Just select whether it was a business or personal travel after your journey, and the App does the rest. All routes, destinations, and distances are automatically calculated. It is advantageous to keep track of how many miles you have gone because travel expenditures are deductible.


As far as Notepads go, this is the most full and widely-used option available today. A mobile app that can be used on both Android and iOS, it provides access to a wide range of features and integrations with other apps.

One of its most impressive features is the ability to combine it with applications that conduct video conferences and automatically transcribe them.

Linkedin connectivity and the ability to scan business cards are two further features of this app.

3. JOY

To maintain track of your business finances, it’s a cloud-based billing system. It’s easy to use since it allows you to do things like:

  • Produce and send invoices
  • Keep an eye on your inventory
  • Manage your money
  • Check your financial accounts
  • In-depth investigations of problems

Keep track of your client’s and suppliers’ phone numbers and email addresses.

Both the free and paid versions of the app are available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Create a private intranet for your employees or team members to use to connect with one other confidentially.

Because of its smooth interaction with Dropbox, it also makes it possible for us to contact clients and give them papers in whatever file type that they want.

Entrepreneurs’ Guide To Creating A Business Plan

You may use this tool to map out your company’s goals, as well as the requirements of your target market.

In a sense, it’s like a tour of your company’s first blueprint. Before launching a new firm, an entrepreneur needs to ask at least 100 respondents and get at least 100 answers from each of them.


Trello is a popular application that helps you keep your business organized. It’s an app for scheduling and organizing work, but it also offers a desktop version. A project board is the basis of the system, and you may organize it among individuals or groups. Using this board, you may give tasks to your team members and keep track of their progress.

Trello can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive so that documents may be attached and work environments can be set up collaboratively. It’s a key part of any cloud application that they employ mechanisms similar to those used by banks to transfer data and store encrypted backups.


Waze is an app that helps you navigate the roads. This app is a godsend if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Waze, a subsidiary of Google Inc. There were a group of investors that started the company in 2008, however, they were later purchased by Google in 2013. Open cooperation allows users to maintain the App, unlike other mobility apps. Waze offers spoken instructions, genuine gas and traffic data, and free, frequent map updates. You may also avoid tolls and be alerted to the presence of radar traps and security cameras with this app. Waze is multilingual and includes an integrated destination search, however, other programs may be used to integrate destinations.

Viewer For The Team In Business

It features both an App and software that lets you enter any computer and operate it remotely, so that you may access applications and data from anywhere.

  • One of its most important features is the ability to have virtual meetings.
  • Desktops may be shared and controlled in this manner.
  • Inter-device file sharing

Conclusion OF Business

As an individual or business owner, you can use all those apps to make your work easy and save precious time. In all the industries, networking and mobile divices help humans to live their life smart.